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The Patriot Empowerment Institute's mission is Preparing, Empowering and Supporting Veterans for post military service. ​​

  • Preparing vets to avoid the downward spirals of depression and alcohol / substance abuse that have led too many to overdose or suicide! 

  • Empowering young vets to take a comprehensive look at transition. 

  • Supporting vets with implementing a long term planning guide, realistically helps them transition to either an institution of higher learning or professional employment.


Our Vision is to Empower young military service members Early with Information and Guidance in order to provide a bridge of support thru their most critical period; The Transition from Active Duty back to the civilian life.



After attending a number of funerals of Recon and Marine Corps teammates, the cofounders decided to act in an attempt to save lives and knowing that they themselves fell within the statistical envelope, they began helping each other and those who transitioned after them.

Our research indicates that the vets that either committed suicide or died of overdose were lacking a long-term transition plan. A simple transition plan can help keep the individuals on an upward trajectory, however, starting  to plan at least two years prior best helps the transition.

Currently, the military service only provides a 5-day transition program that is forced on the service members weeks, if not days prior to transition. This creates a negative atmosphere not advantageous to absorbing the vast amount of information provided.

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